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Certificate in Commercial Credit




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CICC — Certificate in Commercial Credit

Moody’s Analytics’ Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC) is the hallmark of educational excellence in credit analysis and decision-making. The certificate is ideal for anyone building or aspiring to build a career in commercial credit. 

The CICC Certification is suitable for:

  • Commercial and Corporate Lenders
  • Commercial and Corporate Underwriters
  • Commercial and Corporate Loan Analyst
  • Commercial and Corporate Relationship Managers

After the completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Analyse a borrower, identify risk, and structure a financing solution that aligns with the institution’s risk appetite and capital strategy.
  • Balance risk with profitability and competitiveness when pricing credit facilities.
  • Apply dynamic loan monitoring techniques in order to identify early warning signs of deteriorating credit and respond to them before the client defaults.
  • Identify the potential impact of credit risk on a financial institution’s credit portfolio and the various risk management strategies that financial institutions employ.

Open for All

Instructor-led classroom sessions and VILT sessions. eLearning, Presentations, Case Studies, and Mock Exams. 

15 sessions of 5 hours each to be scheduled on weekends.

For more details, please contact the EIF Certification Department at certificates@eif.gov.ae

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