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Chartered Banker by Experience Certification

Chartered Banker by Experience (CBBE) is a joint initiative from the Emirates Institute of Finance and Chartered Banker, UK. The Program is designed for experienced banking professionals who wish to gain Chartered Banker status and become members of the Chartered Banker Institute.

Professional Development and Career Enhancement of Experienced Banking Professionals in the UAE.

  • Experience: Banking Professionals with a minimum of 10 years of Banking Experience
  • Educational Qualification: Graduation
  • English language proficiency
  • Make an annual commitment to follow the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Complete and record a minimum of 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year.
  • Remain a member of the Institute in good standing. Chartered Banker membership is currently £178 per year.


Candidate Registration

The delegates must show their interest by registering them on the EIF Website and by uploading their detailed CV along with an Ethics declaration as part of their application.

Pre-Screening Activity

The candidates will undergo a Pre-screening Evaluation and their status of confirmation will be communicated to their registered email address in two weeks from the date of candidate registration.

Responsible Banking Module

The selected candidates will go through a three-day responsible Banking Module followed by a final examination.

Reflective Statement

The delegates will go through a Critical Self-Evaluation, where candidates reflect on their experience, expertise, and professional practice. The candidate will have to complete 3 reflective statements, each of between 800-1200 words. 

Professional Ethics Assignment

The Candidate must submit an assignment on Professional Ethics in not less than 3000 words. 

Presentation & Professional Discussion

The presentation is based on the Professional Ethics (PE) assignment completed by the candidate and the discussion is based on the candidate’s C.V, Reflective Statements and PE Assignment.

Project Guide/Tutor

A Personal Project Guide / Tutor will be assigned to all the delegates, who will guide the delegates in preparing their reflective statements, and assignments and preparing for the presentation and Professional discussion.

  • Cohort 1: June 2024 (tentative date).
  • Cohort 2: November 2024 (tentative date).
  • Cohort Size: 25-30 delegates each.
  • The approved candidates are expected to complete the qualification within 16 weeks.
  • Successful Candidates will receive both a paper certificate and a digital certificate for this qualification via mail and email, usually within two weeks of successfully being awarded the qualification.
  • Successful candidates can use their NAME, MCBI – Chartered Banker as the professional designation in all their communications – emails, business cards, designatory letters, and signatures.
  • The Awarding criteria are at the sole discretion of EIF and CBI, UK.

The program is designed in such a way that the dropouts and exits are minimized to a very large extent, However, the following are the criteria in case of any dropouts or exits.

  • If any candidate drops out after the Prescreening stage and before the Responsible Banking Module for any reason, the candidate will forgo the registration and prescreening cost.
  • If any candidate drops out after the Responsible Banking Module and before the start of the reflective statement process for any reason, the candidate will forgo the registration and prescreening cost along with 50% cost of the Certification cost.
  • If any candidate drops out after the start of the reflective statement process for any reason, the candidate will forgo the registration and prescreening cost along with 100% cost of the Certification cost.
  • Registration Cost: AED 2500 / candidate.
  • Certification Cost: AED 17500 / candidate.
  • Assessment re-sit cost: AED 500 per re-sit.

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