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EIBFS Empowers and Expands Trainee Pool with 35,000 Banking and Financial Professionals in 2022

EIBFS Expands Trainee Pool to 35,000 Banking and Financial Professionals during 2022

EIBFS Empowers and Expands Trainee Pool with 35,000 Banking and Financial Professionals in 2022

The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), an esteemed institution in banking and finance education and training, proudly announces the successful completion of training for over 35,000 professionals within the country’s banking and financial sector during the fiscal year 2022.

Notably, the EIBFS programs attracted significant participation, with over 13,600 UAE nationals registering and successfully completing their training between January and December 2022. This impressive figure accounts for 40% of the total participants and includes a notable 85% female and 15% male UAE nationals.

Throughout the year, EIBFS delivered a comprehensive array of 166 training programs, featuring highly regarded courses such as the Banking Annual Training Programme, Insurance Annual Training Programme, learning pathways, privately owned programs, professional specialized certifications, and 7 Emiritisations courses, among others. This diverse portfolio catered to the evolving needs of professionals in the industry.

As per the comprehensive yearend report of 2022, the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) experienced robust engagement from trainees. The report highlights that 27,741 individuals participated in the in-class training sessions, demonstrating the continued popularity and effectiveness of face-to-face learning. Additionally, a substantial number of trainees, amounting to 6,396, opted for the EIBFS E-learning platform, known as Insight, showcasing the increasing adoption of digital learning methods.

Talking about the achievements, Noura Alblooshi, Acting General Manager of EIBFS, said: “We are extremely pleased to report that approximately 35,000 profesionals participated in our training programmes during 2022. The EIBFS has achieved the distinction of being one of the biggest financial and banking training institutions in the region. The fact is that EIBFS has been at the vanguard of Emiratisation plans in the UAE banking industry, training over 13,600 Emiratis this year alone, shows how much the institute has contributed to the national goals of creating the Emirati talent pool.”

She added: “Every year, we curate our training programmes based on the changing, dynamic needs of the regional and global financial markets. This approach has worked well for us, helping us in our quest to support the professional growth of individuals associated with the banking and finance sector.”

Alblooshi added: “We have noticed a significant increase in the number of Emirati participants, which is consistent with our commitment to support the UAE’s 2030 agenda and the vision of the wise leadership of the country to enhance the professional abilities and qualifications of the national cadres.”

To achieve its overall goals, the EIBFS Annual Training Plan is created annually to help financial and banking professionals develop their specialised skill sets and better serve the UAE’s expanding banking ecosystem.

The programmes offer a selection of professional certificates, international certificates, learning bundles, and ‘Insight’ E-learning. Full-fledged courses, microlearning modules, and self-paced learning alternatives are available to trainees.

By offering top-notch education and training programmes for the banking and finance business throughout the years, EIBFS has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the UAE as well as the Gulf and Middle East. Over the past 40 years, it has trained roughly 300,000 banking professionals and thousands of learners who have benefited from EIBFS by expediting their professional progression in the banking and financial services. 


The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) was founded in 1983. As a leading independent training centre, it offers world-class education, training and allied services in the critical areas of banking and finance. Based in the UAE, EIBFS currently has three campuses for education and training services located in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Institute has made substantial contributions to the careers of thousands of students and working professionals in the financial services sector. EIBFS is also a strong supporter of Emiratization and has launched various initiatives that have greatly helped to promote the careers of Emiratis. All academic programmes offered by EIBFS are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Students who have successfully completed these programmes have found productive employment at various levels in banks and financial institutions in the UAE and around the world.

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