Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

The Emirates Institute for Financial (EIF) offers an innovative model for the financial sector in the United Arab Emirates through its vital role in training and qualifying employees working in the banking and insurance sectors, with a focus on Emirati cadres, to enhance their skills and expertise to lead this strategic sector in the country.

Over the past years, the Institute has sought to build robust relations with international learning partners to provide leading training programmes and to equip trainees with the latest financial knowledge and experiences, as well as professional certificates, following international best practices.

The past years witnessed the empowerment of a large number of trainees who have been equipped with the necessary skills to keep pace with the growing digital technology through training programmes, which are being developed annually to meet the sector’s variable needs and growth. 

H.E. Khaled Mohamed Balama

Governor — Central Bank of UAE Chairman - EIF

In addition to that, the learning outcomes of the EIF’s programmes showed the trainees’ ability to understand the challenges and that they have a future vision that qualifies them to contribute to the sector’s growth, which confirms the depth of our training programmes.

The 2023 training plan in lines with the global growth of the relevant sectors and provides a comprehensive view of the international standards applied by the financial sector worldwide. It also considers plans aimed at the development of the future UAE national leaders in Banks, Insurance companies and other Financial institutions in the country.

Emirates Institute of Finance