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Internal Audit Certificate

The EIF International Certification in Internal Audit is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of internal auditing. This program goes beyond the basics, offering in-depth insights into emerging trends, different types of audits and their methodologies, and the integration of technology in the audit process.

The EIF CBI International Certificate in Internal Audit is suitable for:

  • Audit assistant
  • Internal Auditor Executives
  • Audit Managers
  • Risk Management Professionals

After completion of the certification, the learner should be able to:

  • Prioritize auditable units and develop and implement risk-based auditing tools & and techniques.
  • Identify the objectives, components, and principles of an effective internal control framework.
  • Recognize the criteria for and importance of writing audit reports.
  • Understand how best to incorporate data analytics throughout the audit process.
  • Identify and review treasury risks, Credit risks and policy, operational risk controls, market risk controls, and Fraud risks.
  • Identify the elements to create an effective AML audit/review program.

The certificate is delivered in two parts. Level 1 focuses on understanding of the different aspects of Internal Audit and Level 2 focuses on areas of focus in specialist audits within the domain.

Level 1 Level 2
Entry Requirement None Successfully passed Level 1
  • Introduction to internal audit
  • Internal Controls using COSO Framework
  • Audit Report Writing Skills
  • Audit Sampling & Data Analysis
  • Fraud Risks and Controls
  • Credit Audit
  • Treasury Audit
  • Sales Audit
  • AML Audit
  • IT Security Risk and Audit
  • Corporate Governance and Culture
  • Exam Two hour exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. Passing percentage is 60% Two hour exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%

    Professionals pursuing internal audit certification are more prepared to guarantee the efficiency of risk management procedures, internal control systems, and compliance frameworks in enterprises. Certified professionals receive in-depth training in audit methodology, which equips them with the skills necessary to analyze risks, review controls, and suggest enhancements to improve operational integrity and efficiency.

    In order to reduce risks and enhance procedures, certified internal auditors are essential in pointing out gaps in internal controls. They carry out thorough audits of operational processes, financial accounts, and regulatory compliance, giving stakeholders and management insightful information.

    Furthermore, the significance of data analysis and technology in contemporary auditing processes is emphasized in Internal Audit certification programs. Professionals with certifications in data analytics are trained to use tools and methods to find trends, discover abnormalities, and possibly even expose cases of fraud or misconduct.

    Internal Audit certification programs emphasize soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving in addition to technical skills. Certified internal auditors are skilled communicators who can communicate complicated ideas succinctly and clearly, which helps them work well with stakeholders and other colleagues around the company.

    In general, internal audit certification equips experts to offer unbiased, independent assurance regarding the efficiency of risk management, governance, and internal control procedures. In a company climate that is changing quickly, certified internal auditors support organizational performance and sustainability by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

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