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Treasury Management Certificate

The EIF International Certificate in Treasury Management (EICTM) program is designed to provide financial professionals with a comprehensive understanding of treasury management principles and practices. This program equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complex world of treasury management, including time value of money, asset and liabilities management, foreign exchange, money markets, and ethical standards in the financial industry. The EICTM program aims to develop competent treasury managers who can make informed decisions, manage portfolios efficiently, and uphold ethical standards in the financial industry.

The EIF International Certificate in Treasury Management is suitable for:

  • Financial Professionals: Ideal for individuals already working in financial roles, including finance managers, accountants, or investment professionals, seeking a comprehensive understanding of treasury management principles.
  • Treasury Managers: Tailored for current or aspiring treasury managers who wish to enhance their expertise in making informed decisions, managing portfolios efficiently, and staying abreast of ethical standards in the financial industry.
  • Investment Professionals: Suited for those involved in investment decision-making processes, as the program covers key areas such as asset and liabilities management, foreign exchange, and money markets.
  • Finance Managers: Relevant for finance managers who want to deepen their knowledge of time value of money, ethical standards, and other critical aspects of treasury management for effective financial decision-making.
  • Aspiring Financial Leaders: Beneficial for individuals aspiring to leadership roles in the financial industry, offering a well-rounded understanding of treasury management practices and principles.

Upon completion of this program, participants will gain a solid grasp of time value of money principles, enabling enhanced financial decision-making. They will enhance their insights into treasury responsibilities and functions, fostering better collaboration and communication within the organization. Additionally, they will be well-equipped to optimize asset and liabilities management for financial stability and risk management. Participants will be able to confidently navigate foreign exchange dynamics, execute transactions, and comprehend key factors influencing currency markets. They will also acquire the ability to apply technical analysis techniques for market trend analysis, financial instrument assessment, and informed investment decision-making.

The certificate is delivered in two levels. Level 1 establishes a foundational understanding of key financial concepts, laying the groundwork for more advanced topics in subsequent levels. The participants dive deeper into specialized areas, gaining proficiency in advanced financial principles and exploring various aspects of treasury management. In Level 2, participants attain an advanced level of expertise, focusing on intricate financial instruments, regulations, and ethical considerations in the realm of treasury management.




 Level 1Level 2
Entry RequirementNoneSuccessfully passed Level 1
  • Time Value of Money (E-Learning)
  • Treasury Insights for Non-Treasury Staff (E-Learning)
  • Asset & Liabilities Management Primer
  • Treasury Operations
  • Foreign Exchange Primer
  • Money Markets
  • Technical Analysis (E-Learning)
  • Debt Capital Markets (DCM) & Fixed Income (E-Learning)
  • Derivatives (E-Learning)
  • SCA Regulation
  • Treasury & Portfolio Management Bourse Game
  • Exotic Options & Structured Products
  • Ethical Foundations for Financial Markets
ExamOne-hour exam consisting of 30 multiple- choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%One-hour exam consisting of 30 multiple- choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%



A certification in Treasury Management gives professionals the specific knowledge and abilities needed to effectively manage the treasury operations of a business. Individuals can maximize the organization’s financial resources and reduce financial risks by gaining knowledge in risk management, investment strategies, cash flow forecasting, and liquidity management through thorough training.

In order to guarantee that there are enough funds available to meet both operational needs and strategic objectives, certified Treasury Management specialists are essential in monitoring the organization’s cash and liquidity balances. They understand how to apply these tactics to improve the organization’s financial performance and have extensive knowledge of treasury products and practices such cash pooling, short-term investments, foreign exchange hedging, and interest rate risk management.

Additionally, regulatory compliance and the governance principles guiding treasury operations are the main topics of Treasury Management certification programs. To reduce the risk of non-compliance and the fines that come with it, certified specialists receive training to make sure that treasury activities adhere to pertinent laws, rules, and internal policies.

The Treasury Management certification places a strong emphasis on relationship-building and communication abilities in addition to technical proficiency. In order to accomplish the organization’s treasury goals, certified professionals are trained to work well with both internal and external stakeholders, such as banks, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies.

In general, the Treasury Management certification equips individuals to support the strategic goals of the company, maximize financial resources, and negotiate the complexity of treasury operations. Through the use of their expertise in treasury management, certified professionals help their firms improve risk reduction, liquidity management, and financial stability.

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