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Data Analytics Certificate

The organizations collect loads of data but in its raw form, this data doesn’t mean anything. This course will provide you with thinking about data analytics as a form of business intelligence that is about finding patterns in a dataset that can tell you something useful by extracting raw data, organizing datasets, and transforming numbers into coherent, intelligible information.

The EIF International Certificate in Data Analytics is suitable for:

  • Officials currently working in different areas in the banking domain.
  • Candidates who are looking to gain knowledge in the application of tools for data analysis.
  • Entry Level/Senior Individual Contributor, Team Lead/Managers in financial institutions.

After completion of the certification, the learner should be able to:

  • Working on Big Data tools and understanding the concepts of cloud, artificial intelligence, and sourcing of data.
  • Working to prepare Data Visualization in Power BI.
  • Using SQL Language for data queries and functions.
  • Using various statistical tools for analysis and decision-making for data.
  • Working on Python programming tools to run a model and evaluate its performance.
The certificate is delivered in two parts. Level 1 focuses on the concepts related to data analytics, level 2 focuses on working with tools, related to data analytics.
Level 1 Level 2
Entry Requirement None Successfully passed Level 1
  • Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Analytics
  • Statistics for Data Analytics
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • SQL Primer for Data Analysis
  • Data Ethics, Governance & Security Essentials
  • Data Visualization using Power BI
  • Analytics Using Python
Exam Two hour exam consisting of 50 multiple- choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%
  • One-hour exam consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions. Passing percentage is 50%
  • A project on Power BI using Data Visualization. Passing percentage is 50%

Acquiring certification in Data Analytics equips professionals with the essential understanding and abilities to evaluate, comprehend, and extract meaningful conclusions from sizable and intricate datasets. Professionals in data analytics are essential in assisting firms in using data to drive strategic objectives, make well-informed decisions, and obtain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

A wide number of subjects are covered in data analytics certification programs, such as statistical analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, data preprocessing, data visualization, and data gathering. In order to extract significant patterns, trends, and correlations from data, participants learn how to apply a variety of analytical tools and approaches. This allows them to find insightful information and provide recommendations based on data.

Furthermore, data analytics certification programs provide a strong emphasis on data governance, data ethics, and data quality, guaranteeing that professionals follow ethical standards and best practices when handling data. Those who have earned their certifications get in-depth knowledge of data security procedures, privacy laws, and moral issues surrounding the use and exchange of data.

Additionally, obtaining a data analytics certification gives professionals the ability to think critically and solve problems. This helps them to recognize business problems, create analytical queries, and create data-driven solutions that meet corporate objectives. Those who earn certification learn how to effectively translate corporate needs into analytical objectives, choose the right analytical techniques, and communicate findings to stakeholders.

Apart from that, practical projects and real-world case studies are frequently incorporated into data analytics certification programs, enabling participants to put their knowledge and abilities to use in real-world scenarios. By means of these encounters, trained experts augment their capacity to provide significant insights and propel business results by gaining hands-on knowledge in data analysis, hypothesis testing, and model evaluation.

In conclusion, those who earn a certification in data analytics become skilled in the analysis and interpretation of data to support well-informed decision-making and resolve challenging business issues. In today’s data-driven environment, they are essential in assisting firms in utilizing data to obtain insights, enhance workflows, and accomplish strategic goals.

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