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Credit Analysis Certificate

The EIF International Certificate in Credit Analysis is an ideal qualification for those wanting to understand the credit landscape. The certificate equips learners with essential skills such as financial statement analysis, credit appraisal and credit risk management, which will enable credit professionals to perform their tasks effectively.

The EIF International Certificate in Credit Analysis is suitable for:

  • Corporate and Commercial Lenders
  • Credit Analyst
  • Credit Research Analyst
  • Relationship Managers
  • Risk Managers

After completion of the certification, the learner should be able to:

  • Analyse the financial statements and evaluate the credit risk profile of an entity.
  • Understand different ways of creative accounting and identify red flags in financial statements.
  • Evaluate the credit risk by assessing operating environment, business profile and corporate governance.
  • Understand how to mitigate risk through documentation, covenants, and collateral.
  • Understand the causes of loan distress and develop restructuring plans.

The certificate is delivered in two parts. Level 1 focusses on understanding the concepts of credit and Level 2 focusses on applying credit skills to real world situations.




 Level 1Level 2
Entry RequirementNoneSuccessfully passed Level 1
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cash FLow Statement
  • Early Warning Indicators for Problem Loan (E learning)
  • Identifying Red Flags Using Financial Statements
  • Credit Appraisal Methods
  • Credit Documentation
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
  • IFRS-9 for Credit Professionals
  • Industry and Management Risk Assessment for credit professionals
ExamOne-hour exam consisting of 30 multiple- choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%One-hour exam consisting of 30 multiple- choice questions. Passing percentage is 60%



A certification in credit analysis equips individuals with the information and abilities needed to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness and calculate the risk involved in making a loan. In financial institutions, credit analysis specialists are essential since they help with well-informed lending, investing, and risk management decisions.

Comprehensive instruction in financial statement analysis, credit risk assessment, and evaluation methods unique to the credit analysis sector is provided via credit analysis certification programs. In order to precisely assess credit risk, participants gain knowledge on how to examine financial statements, evaluate the liquidity, solvency, and profitability of borrowers, and interpret important financial ratios.

Furthermore, collateral valuation, credit scoring methodology, and loan structuring are all included in credit analysis certification programs, allowing practitioners to create prudent lending plans and efficiently manage risks. Those who become certified acquire proficiency in seeing possible red flags of declining credit, performing extensive due diligence on potential borrowers, and suggesting suitable risk mitigation strategies.

Additionally, credit analysis certification programs include a strong emphasis on best practices in credit risk management and regulatory compliance, guaranteeing that practitioners follow the law and industry norms. In addition to developing a solid grasp of the moral precepts and professional standards in credit analysis, participants gain knowledge of the pertinent laws, rules, and guidelines controlling lending activities.

Apart from that, obtaining a certification in credit analysis gives professionals the ability to effectively communicate and deliver complicated credit-related information to stakeholders in a straightforward and compelling manner. Credentialed professionals are essential in streamlining decision-making procedures, offering perceptive credit advice, and boosting the general prosperity and profitability of lending organizations.

In conclusion, those who earn a certification in credit analysis develop their ability to evaluate credit risk, decide on loans wisely, and efficiently manage credit portfolios. They are invaluable resources for financial institutions, supporting sustainable growth and profitability in the sector while also assisting in asset protection and lending practice optimization.

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