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General Manager’s Message

General Manager's Message

It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the Emirates Institute for Financial [EIF] learning solutions for 2023 under the theme “Develop talent pool who are professionally qualified for the role, skilled for the job and future ready”. On behalf of EIF, I would like to thank and appreciate the UAE’s banking and financial sector for their wholehearted, unstinted support and collaboration, which has helped us achieve significant milestones over the years. At EIF, we believe this is a testament of the farsighted vision of our leadership, coupled with our agility and commitment to develop future-ready talent in the UAE’s banking and financial sector.

Amidst the evolving business and operational landscape in the UAE and region, and the need for new skills and competencies, particularly in the financial sector, EIF has created a structured learning solutions program for 2023 which reflects the skills required for future banking and finance professionals around digital capabilities, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotic process automation and others.

H.E. Noura Alblooshi

General Manager - EIF

The EIF learning solutions for 2023 are focused on and aligned to the national vision of developing high quality Emirati talent pool, who are ready for the future. With a strong focus on skilling, upskilling and reskilling Emirati talent in the UAE’s financial sector, the EIF learning solutions for 2023 are in line with the ‘Projects of the 50’ initiatives to accelerate the UAE’s development path.

As part of our ‘Harnessing Human Mission’, the focus is on building a strong and robust national economy, in line with the highest international standards. As part of the initiative, 5000 new private sector jobs will be created by 2026, to enhance the diversity and growth of the banking and insurance sector and the UAE’s economic competitiveness.

With an aim to create competency-driven qualifications for jobs in the UAE’s banking and financial sector, EIF will be conducting a total of 680 sessions, which includes 373 classroom sessions and 343 virtual interactive live training [VILT] sessions. 208 sessions will be held at the Dubai campus, while 89 will be at Abu Dhabi campus and 40 sessions at Sharjah campus.

The 2023 learning plan encompasses programs in the areas of new future skills, responsible banking, advanced technology, and sustainability. All the programs have been designed in close collaboration with the industry to holistically cater to the needs and demands. We also work closely with Central Bank of the UAE, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and other relevant stakeholders, including our partner banks and financial institutions to develop the UAE national talent in the country’s financial sector.

We would like to thank the banking and financial sector in the UAE for its collaboration and support in designing the 2023 learning solutions. On behalf of EIF, I earnestly call upon the industry to join us in this transformational journey to develop a talent pool of banking and financial experts who are agile, future-ready and upskilled to take on the emerging challenges in the evolved business landscape.

Emirates Institute of Finance