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COP28 UAE TechSprint

About The Event

Your Ideas, Our Planet: Join Cop28 TechSprint 2023 and Drive Change!

Under the COP28 UAE Presidency, the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) collaborates with the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub (BISIH) and the Emirates Institute of Finance Innovation Hub (EIFI) to present the Cop28 TechSprint 2023.

This pioneering initiative seeks innovative global technological solutions to accelerate progress in green and sustainable finance.

We are on a mission to accelerate innovation in green and sustainable finance, uniting financial technology companies, data scientists, designers, and more to prototype real solutions that make a difference.

This unique opportunity allows you to showcase your talents and contribute to a “comprehensive transformation” of financial institutions, in alignment with the global net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

Register now and be part of the force that shapes a brighter, greener future for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this chance to make history with us at Cop28 TechSprint 2023!

The Cop28 TechSprint 2023: A Roadmap to a Greener Planet

Participation is open to all technology and innovation enthusiasts worldwide, without any registration fees.

Eligible participants can sign in and submit their innovative proposals to tackle the identified problem statements for this year’s Cop28 UAE TechSprint. The event is tailored for financial technology companies and larger technology companies seeking to showcase their pioneering solutions.

Prepare to compete for the prestigious prizes! The Central Bank of the UAE awards three separate cash prizes of $50,000 USD each to the winning solutions, and all shortlisted teams receive a competition prize of $10,000 USD.

Seize this unique opportunity to make a difference! Register now and embark on a journey of innovation, driving positive change in green and sustainable finance.





Sunday, December 3rd – REWARDS CEREMONY COP28


  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI for green taxonomy reporting, verification, and disclosure in the finance industry.

How can we use AI to support all stakeholders by unlocking the value of vast troves of unstandardized sustainability data?

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How can AI-driven solutions effectively implement the green framework internationally and help investors comply with disclosure regulations using multiple data sources?

What tools can accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy for financial institutions, asset managers, and investors, enabling informed real-time investment decisions?

  1. Blockchain

Block-chain based auditing and transparency for sustainable finance.

How can we use Blockchain to prevent greenwashing, increasing investor and market Block-chain confidence by enhancing transparency, traceability, and accountability?

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How does using blockchain in capital markets (e.g., green bonds) enable efficient auditing, transparency, and traceability in sustainable finance, while leveraging its potential for disintermediation, speed, and cost reduction?

What solutions effectively track and validate the environmental impact of investments, ensure sustainability compliance, and build trust among stakeholders in sustainable finance?

  1. IoT, Space & Sensor Tech

IoT-enabled real-time data for sustainable finance compliance & impact assessment.

How can we use sensor technology to advance sustainability goals and improve data accuracy, in order to ensure informed assessments of impact, risk and compliance?

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How can secure and globally scalable solutions facilitate accurate data insights, enable proactive risk management, and empower large asset managers to seamlessly comply with sustainability regulations, thereby driving the transition towards a carbon neutral economy?


Winners will seize the opportunity to claim one of the three distinguished cash prizes, each valued at $50K USD. Additionally, esteemed shortlisted candidates will be granted an impressive prize of $10K USD.

Artificial Intelligence: $50,000

Blockchain: $50,000

IoT, Space & Sensor Tech: $50,000

Shortlisted Candidates: $10,000


Teams from all countries and jurisdictions with a passion for solving green and sustainable finance challenges are welcome to apply. We seek innovators with a proven track record of delivering scalable solutions. Register and submit your proposal early to secure your spot, as registrations close once the application cap is reached for each problem statement. Participation is free of charge!

Each participant may join one Team, and each team can submit one project for a problem statement. Teams have the option to apply for multiple problem statements, but they can only be shortlisted once.

Team Leaders are responsible for completing and submitting their team’s registration profile. All team members must agree to the terms and conditions of Cop28 TechSprint 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply?

Individuals or teams from any country or jurisdiction, who are enthusiastic about addressing green and sustainable finance challenges, are encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in innovators who have a successful history of implementing scalable solutions in this field.

Are there any additional requirements?

Yes, along with your application, you will need to consent to both the Terms and Conditions of the Cop28 TechSprint 2023 and the user requirements specified by the Event Platform during the registration process.

What is the expected deliverable at the end of the Cop28 TechSprint 2023, and will my team have a chance to deploy the solution?

The expected deliverable at the end of the Cop28 TechSprint 2023 is a production-ready and deployable prototype. The competition aims to receive innovative solutions that are ready to be implemented in real-world scenarios. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee or obligation from the organizers that the winning prototype will be deployed.

Will Cop28 TechSprint 2023 offer prizes?

The Cop28 TechSprint 2023 will provide attractive prizes to the winners. There will be three distinguished cash prizes, each valued at $50,000 USD for the top teams.

Furthermore, esteemed shortlisted candidates will receive an impressive prize of $10,000 USD.

Can I participate in multiple problem statements?

Our recommendation is for each team to participate in a single problem statement, concentrating on their strongest area of expertise. This approach ensures that each team’s efforts are focused and maximizes their chances of success. It’s important to note that a team can only be shortlisted for consideration once, and likewise, each participant is allowed to join only one team throughout the competition. This rule is in place to promote fairness and equal opportunities for all participants.

How will the winning proposals be selected?

(Process to be provided by the CBUAE)

What if I have a good solution for only the optional problem statement(s) but not the main problem statement in the category? Can I still compete?

We invite innovative solutions that meet the requirements for each category. The main problem statement outlines the primary objective, while the optional statements cover additional functionalities that can complement the main problem. Teams should prioritize developing solutions that fulfill the broader requirements, and any extra functionality that satisfies the optional statements will earn bonus scores during judging.

Important Guidelines for Cop 28 Tech Sprint 2023 Participants:

Team leaders must fully register their teams and submit their solutions to one or more problem statements before the registration deadline.

Early registration is recommended, as registrations for specific problem statements may close once the application cap is reached. Participation is free of charge.

Each team member can join only one team, and each team can submit one proposal per problem statement. Teams can apply for multiple problem statements, but they can only be shortlisted for one.

Participants retain ownership and intellectual property rights for their solutions and related information submitted on the platform in response to the problem statements.

Final submissions from shortlisted participants will be required for evaluation by the judging panel via the Technology Provider’s platform. Participants must ensure they have all necessary authorizations and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

If a participant’s solution is selected as a winning entry, they agree to present it in a manner and format agreed upon with the organizers.

By registering and accepting the terms and conditions, participants grant the Central Bank of UAE, the BIS, and/or the appointed Technology Partner the right to use, distribute, and publicly display the submitted solutions for the purposes outlined in the Cop28 TechSprint 2023 Terms and Conditions.

The competition will be conducted in English, and all materials and communications must be in English as well.


Website https://hackolosseum.apixplatform.com/h1/cop28uaetechsprint#preview
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