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What are EIF’s vision and mission?

Preparing the next generation of world-class financial services specialists by building capabilities, setting standards, and fostering innovation in the sector.

EIF continues to work to become a central institution providing targeted training programs focused on key topics and roles. Our position as a leading training provider allows us to support the efforts to achieve the goals of the Emiratization agenda, with long-term plans to offer our clients self-certification programs to establish a regional benchmark.

Who are EIF’s partners?

Discover more about EIF and our partners by exploring our partnerships page. With around 50 local, regional, and international partners, we offer exclusive programs and growth opportunities. Visit the partners page for more details on how our collaborations can enhance your learning experience.

When and how was EIF established?

Established in 1983, the EIF is building upon 40 years of excellence to enter a new era. With a new three-year strategy (2023-2026) developed based on strong foresight of future trends in the sector, EIF is perfectly positioned to ensure the realization of its key objectives:

• Setting a regional benchmark and becoming a world-class institute, building capabilities for a stronger and more diverse financial services sector,
• Elevating existing competencies within the sector for both Emiratis and expats,
• Supporting thought leadership and industry research in the sector, and
• Leading the efforts to achieve the Emiratization agenda, by attracting Emirati nationals to pursue a career in the financial services sector.

What is Ethraa, and how is it related to EIF?

The ETHRAA Financial Program was launched in 2022 under the generous directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UAE Central Bank.

The ETHRAA Financial Program stipulates that the Central Bank of the UAE adopts the principles of nurturing a generation of national expertise capable of leading business sectors in the future by ensuring the provision of a suitable and stable work environment that contributes to enhancing their competitiveness and productivity.

The Emirates Institute of Finance (EIF) is working on implementing plans to attract and prepare national competencies to work in the UAE’s financial sector and integrate them within it, so that they have a role in strengthening the national economy and achieving a qualitative development shift in the Emirates, in order to achieve the ten principles on which the state’s vision for the next 50 years is based.

Can I learn about EIF’s Board of Directors and Management?

You can explore detailed information about EIF’s Board of Directors and Management on our dedicated webpage. Visit the EIF Board of Directors page and learn more about the professionals leading EIF towards its mission and vision.

How does EIF collaborate with other organizations?

EIF actively collaborates with a diverse range of organizations to foster innovation, promote growth, and create impactful educational opportunities. Through strategic partnerships, joint initiatives, and knowledge-sharing platforms, EIF works alongside local, regional, and international entities to develop customized training programs, facilitate research collaborations, and support capacity-building efforts.

Where are EIF’s campuses located, and what facilities do they offer?

Our campuses are located in three (3) different locations within the country particularly in the following Emirates:

Dubai: Al Ruwayyah 2, opposite Zayed University – Academic City
Sharjah: 102 Maleha St – Institute Land
Abu Dhabi: Sultan Bin Zayed The First St., – Al Nahyan (beside Mubadala Tower)

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