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What resources are available for EIF international certification courses?

Explore our range of international certification courses on our EIF International Certifications Page.

How can I get more information about a specific program?

For individuals or organizations seeking in-depth details about our programs, we provide a range of accredited certificates and international certifications. Our offerings cater to diverse educational needs, from professional development to tailored training solutions. By accessing this page, you can explore our extensive selection of programs, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your educational aspirations.

How can I find out about prices for EIF courses?

At EIF, we strive to ensure accessibility to our educational programs for all individuals and organizations. To inquire about the pricing details of our courses, including any special offers or promotional codes currently available, please reach out to us at Our dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive information tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you make informed decisions about your educational investment.

Are there any academic programs offered by EIF?

No, currently EIF does not offer academic programs. However, we provide a wide range of alternatives, including international certifications, accreditations, and specialized training opportunities. For a comprehensive list of our offers, please visit the certification page on our website.

What exclusive programs does EIF offer, and who are they for?

EIF provides exclusive programs tailored to various individuals and organizations. These programs cater to professionals seeking specialized skill development, entrepreneurs looking to enhance their business acumen, and organizations aiming to empower their workforce with targeted training solutions. Check here our exclusive offerings are designed to meet diverse needs and foster continuous growth.

What types of training does EIF offer?

Discover the types of training programs being offered by directly sending us an email at or call 60056664. In addition, under EIF Trainings (dropdown menu), a number of options are available for you to choose from.

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