Our Workplace Ecosystem


Our Workplace Ecosystem

The Innovation Hub is a space where synergies are created amongst the public and our talented pools of researchers, academics, and designers.

Headquartered in Dubai, with a future satellite location in Abu Dhabi, at the Emirates Institute of Finance (EIF), our ecosystem fosters success and ground-breaking innovations through its inclusive and welcoming space where our diverse participants feel inspired to propose their ideas, research, and fine-tune their innovations.

At the Innovation Hub, our participants will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities including modern workspaces, collaborative areas, prototyping labs, and specialized equipment. These spaces are designed to fuel your creativity, foster collaboration, and provide the necessary tools for turning your ideas into tangible solutions that reshape the fintech sphere.

As a registered member of the Innovation Hub, here’s what you can expect:

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Be a part of our
open, flexible, and collaborative community

where innovators and designers can share ideas and co-create across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Here at the Innovation Hub, participants can educate citizens and stakeholders alike on their innovative findings and research and showcase how their ideas merged with technology are reshaping the financial sector. Our innovative workplace design further inspires conversation around shaping a more sustainable and inclusive world to address climate and human issues alongside the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

Utilise our testing environments

equipped with cutting-edge tools and infrastructure that enable our innovators and designers to use our Hub as a test bed. Here, our creative minds can share ideas and co-create across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Experiment with new solutions and capture users’ perspectives in physical and digital spaces as you experience our curated spaces and thematic LABs. Our thematic LABs provide a full-spectrum of experiences, to include regulatory and technical sandboxing for physical policies and digital products and services, academic- and research-based training and education, open access to benchmarks and research trends, local and international collaborations and the generation of new partnerships, and think tanks that merge various disciplines through research programs. Learn More Here.

Use our space as an interface

through the use of open data. Here, innovators can leverage key findings, current research, and statistics from fellow innovators alongside the latest news and regulations of the UAE. The connectivity and transparency at the Innovation Hub enables interactive and timely access to current data that empowers our participants to improve their offerings and processes.

Network, collaborate,
and learn

with us by participating in our workshops, events, research groups, or training programs hosted at our headquarters in Dubai or our future satellite location in Abu Dhabi. Take advantage of these multifaceted knowledge-sharing sessions and connect with a diverse community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors to expand your horizons and tap into new opportunities. To view our current calendar of events, CLICK HERE.

Benefit from our network of experienced mentors and advisors

who are passionate about guiding and supporting you on your innovation path. Receive valuable insights, feedback, and guidance to overcome challenges, refine your ideas, and unlock your full potential. Our mentors are here to empower you with their expertise and help you achieve your goals.

Join us and come experience the Innovation Hub. Together we can shape a more sustainable, financially secure, technological, and inclusive world.


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