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About Innovation Hub





Become the engine to drive competitiveness through pioneering innovations, enhanced human capital and forward-looking technologies and regulations to position the UAE as one of the top financial services and fintech hubs.



Build a dynamic ecosystem for innovation and transformation, allowing internal an external stakeholders and industry players, including start-ups and SMEs, other Innovation Hubs, collaborators and researchers, the opportunity to contribute to the development of the finance and insurance industries.



Established in 2023, the Innovation Hub at the Emirates Institute of Finance (EIF) was launched with the support of the Central Bank of UAE (CBUAE), as part of its Financial Infrastructure Transformation (“FIT”) strategy to become one of the top central banks globally, and its efforts to drive the monetary and financial stability towards sustainable economic growth and to support the UAE competitiveness.

The Innovation Hub was primarily launched to become a nationwide center of excellence for the financial sector, build a mature innovation ecosystem, and implement its own digital agenda. Additionally, the Innovation Hub aimed to help facilitate open and active engagement with innovative firms in financial services, and to build an innovation value chain within the dynamic ecosystem that encompasses internal and external stakeholders.

To achieve its objective to become a center of excellence, the Innovation Hub’s team developed a plan to drive a shift in industry’s culture and mindset towards a greater focus on innovation and collaboration, with internal and external stakeholders, gain deeper understanding of the necessary steps to support the UAE’s Emiratization strategy of critical roles in the banking and financial sectors, by upskilling UAE citizens, and engage external stakeholders to utilize their resources in upskilling and training in emerging technologies.

We are committed to develop a unique ecosystem of innovators, banking experts, and business builders leading to a brighter future or the banking industry, by bringing leading expertise and perspectives from the world’s most agile markets, to offer innovative, dynamic, and scalable business models.

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