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At the Innovation Hub, we empower innovation, collaboration, and growth. We offer access to cutting-edge technology, a supportive ecosystem for startups, opportunities for collaboration and networking, and support for innovation and entrepreneurship in the financial sector.

Our work is based off the following key pillars:

  • Drive Customer-Centric Innovation: We treat all of our stakeholders within the value chain of any project as a “customer of innovation.” As such, we strive to support a world-class, collaborative, and an inspirational experience to help everyone fulfill their potential through the provision of concepts and forward-thinking initiatives. Such efforts include open innovation events, financial services events, social and cultural events, and other initiatives including industry think tanks and challenges for startups and other non-governmental organizations.

  • Simplify the “Impossible”: By leveraging innovation and technology, we can transform complex topics within the finance and insurance industries into something more comprehensible for everybody. Fintech topics that are easier to digest are therefore more easily adopted, which impacts a society’s financial inclusion and supports sustainable growth.

  • Strive for Flexibility, Aim at Efficiency: Our testing environments facilitate, formalize, and industrialize testing, prototyping, and the deployment of ideas. Further, we offer dedicated labs and think tanks that provide a full spectrum of resources and experiences. Learn more about our LABs, here.

  • Generate Synergies with the Ecosystem: We maximize the interaction with the entire ecosystem, internally and externally, and promote agile development through collaborative efforts that effectively gather ideas and harness the capabilities of new technologies, talent, and expertise. For more information about our workplace ecosystem, click here.

  • Monitor Performance, Commit to Results: We believe that results are achievable when they are measurable. As such, we work with our partners to identify key performance indicators for innovation and track them throughout the entire innovation journey.

  • Build an Innovation DNA: We strive to embed innovation within every operation in the organization. Our stakeholders are actively involved with instilling an innovation mindset that becomes an active part of their daily work to systematically think innovatively. Do you have an idea you’d like to submit? Tell us about it, here.

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