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The capabilities of our local and global teams in the fintech world are far-reaching and forward-looking. The Innovation Hub consists of its own collaborative and inclusive ecosystem of vital players, which include but are not limited to:

Our Innovation Hub Team, who is dedicated to fully supporting all activities within the scope of the Innovation Hub. Our team brings diverse skill sets to the table and commits to providing superior customer service to all who enter the doors of the Innovation Hub. Our Team seeks to understand and support our participants along their journey and champions their innovations from start to finish.

Our Employees, of whom are highly skilled and trained on the impact of technology in financial services through our learnLAB. Our talented pool of employees serve as subject matter experts to provide insights on various topics, and participate directly with the Innovation Hub’s Funnel [LINK] in the validation and development of ideas;

Startups and other Innovation Hubs, whose participation lies at the core of what we do at the Innovation Hub. The role of the Innovation Hub is to catalyze their growth from a regulatory perspective and to help them become the large organizations of tomorrow that will drive the growth of local and global economies;

Young Emirati Talents, of whom are provided with dedicated learning programs and training hosted by the Innovation Hub or curated at the learnLAB. The Innovation Hub is strongly committed to Human Capabilities Development and to the upskilling of Emirati talents in line with Emiratization targets and in increasing the UAE’s competitiveness on a local and global scale;

Collaborators and Researchers, who will work closely with the Innovation Hub in the co-creation, testing, and deployment of products and solutions that set the foundations for technological advancement within the financial sector. Our collaborators and researchers will also assist in product development and in the unveiling of new insights and trends; and

International Collaborations, of which are strengthened through the Innovation Hub’s role as a super connector. Governmental entities, other central banks and their innovation functions cooperate with other institutional bodies to align on the most pressing challenges related to financial stability and how emerging technologies can be used in their solutions. The Innovation Hub enables each collaborating entity in its ability to diversify their business and to gain insights, technological capabilities, data, and talents from fellow organizations worldwide.

At the Innovation Hub, we are committed to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full innovative potential as we transform the fintech and insurtech industries. Our wide range of capabilities ensures that members have the necessary resources, support, and connections to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving innovation landscape. Not a member yet? Register here.

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