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The Central Bank of the UAE, alongside the Emirates Institute of Finance and NYU Abu Dhabi, will be hosting the sixth annual meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA) on November 20-21, 2023, in Abu Dhabi. The event will discuss the topic of ‘Trade and Financial Linkages in the Era of Geopolitical Fragmentation’.

CEBRA is an international network of central banks and monetary authorities that focuses on promoting research and fostering collaboration among its members. CEBRA serves as a platform for central banks to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and share research findings on a wide range of topics related to monetary policy, financial stability, and sustainability, among others.

The meeting will host discussions around critical topics, including the possibility of a global recession amid global inflation and emerging markets, the future of banking and debt crises, and the impact of supply chain disruptions and retrenchment, among others. The keynote will be delivered by Hélène Rey (London Business School). The conference will feature a policy panel with the participation of Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (Chief Economist, IMF), Philip Lane (Chief Economist, ECB), and Andrès Velasco (Dean, LSE).

We invite submissions of original research papers on Trade and Financial Linkages in the Era of Geopolitical Fragmentation in contribution to this prestigious event. Papers that address the following questions are of particular interest:

  • Global inflation and emerging markets: is global recession around the corner?
  • Future of banking crises and debt crises
  • Supply chain disruptions and retrenchment
  • Globalisation and supply chains in the era of industrial policy
  • Geography and global value chains
  • Insulation from US Monetary policy spillovers
  • Climate risk and financial stability

Papers must be submitted to CEBRA_NYUAD_conference_submission@nyu.edu by 1 July 2023. The scientific committee comprises Julian di Giovanni (CEBRA, FRBNY), Jean Imbs (NYUAD), Francesco Grigoli (CBUAE), Bassem Kamar (CBUAE), Galina Hale (CEBRA, UCSC), Andrei Levchenko (CEBRA, U Michigan).

Please refer to the document below for more information on the event and submission details.

Kindly direct any questions you may have to CEBRA_NYUAD_conference_submission@nyu.edu.

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